My name is Lance Nishihira and I am running for BART Board of Directors for District 6, representing South Hayward, Union City, Fremont, and Newark. I am a daily BART commuter, a transit enthusiast, and an experienced elected board member. This site will outline why you should support my campaign and vote for me in November!

Why I’m running

I am an environmentalist. I learned to respect our environment at a very early age while in scouting. Over the years, science has revealed how critical our climate situation has become and how transportation plays into this crisis. While the problem may seem too big and the obstacles too complex, I firmly believe in “how might we?”  Knowing this about me, here is why I am running for BART.

BART needs a leader who uses transit daily. I stopped solo commuting in 2005 and have become quite a transit enthusiast. Before COVID, I commuted every work day using transit. I have true empathy for our constituency because I am a rider myself. I think this sets me apart from my opponent.

BART needs a doer. While it’s easy to get bogged down in why things are hard, I find a way to get started and move forward. For example, in 2015, I attended Wilma Chan’s social innovation fair and learned about how food waste contributed to global warming. Before SB 1383 became a reality, I cofounded a local non-profit that had just celebrated its 6th anniversary and surpassed 5 million pounds of food recovered and delivered to local agencies that feed people. I am currently the board president. The BART board needs someone who can see tough problems, pick up the ball, and move forward.

BART needs a servant leader. Whether it be team sports, Boy Scouts,  professional design and technology teams, non-profit organizations, platoons, school boards, professional organizations, or advisory teams, I have actively sought out important and vital organizations and have participated in and provided leadership. I help where I can. I know how to be on a governance team to provide direction, guidance, vision, and accountability to staff executives. I understand the role of an effective board member relative to staff. The BART board needs this now more than ever.

How I’m qualified

Service has always been core pillar in my life. This has created opportunities of for me to learn and grow as an individual.

  • BART commuter
  • Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication, California State University Hayward
  • Governing Board Member, New Haven Unified School District
  • Cofounder and President, Daily Bowl
  • Design & Technology Executive, Fortune 500 Fintech Company
  • Board Member, New Haven Schools Foundation
  • Masters in Governance, California School Boards Association
  • Region 7 Delegate, California School Boards Association
  • Honor Graduate, Marine Combat Training, United States Marine Corps
  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America
  • Member, Union City Economic Development Advisory Team (Former)
  • Member, Union City General Plan Advisory Committee (Former)
  • Member, Measure M Oversight Committee, NHUSD (Former)